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  • Completed pondless waterfall width:512;;height:384
  • Completed pondless waterfall width:512;;height:384
  • Excavation and installation of pondless waterfall basin                               width:512;;height:384
  •                                width:512;;height:384
  • width:384;;height:512
  •                                Test run of nearly completed pondless waterfall width:512;;height:384
  •                                width:512;;height:384
  • width:512;;height:383
  • Lake front lawn width:512;;height:384
  •  The initial excavation of the site begins                              width:512;;height:288
  • The rough grading of the complex is finished                    width:512;;height:288
  •  Drainage trenches are dug which will house the perforated drainage pipe underneath the root zone of the turf                              width:512;;height:288
  • A six inch layer of gravel covers the drain pipe to prevent sand and soil from clogging them, allowing only water to exit the system                               width:512;;height:288
  • A sanitized sand/soil/compost mixture is installed underneath the Creeping Bentgrass putting surface width:512;;height:288
  • Greg installs sod to the bunker walls                 width:512;;height:288
  •   Sean installs the Penncross Creeping Bentgrass sod on the putting surface                             width:512;;height:384
  • Finish green width:512;;height:384
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